“A born soloist", "deserved winner" and "music genius" is how Berlingske Tidende, Børsen and Musikeren have described Philippe Benjamin Skow.

Mr. Skow received his first violin at age 2 as a christmas present from the concert master of the Royal Opera  and gave his first concert at age 5 in The Tivoli Concert Hall. He has since performed internationally for royals, multinational corporations, at concert halls and on radio and TV.

He has been invited to Wharton, Americas oldest busines school and to teach at Oberlin, America's oldest conservatory.

He has won competitions such as The Danish Violin Competition for violinists under the age of 30, at age 16, and received awards such as Nordea's Cultural Award, The Victor Borge Prize and Veuve Clicquot’s Music Prize.
Mr. Skow plays a Stradivarius.