” A born soloist with a gorgeuos sound 

and charisma that illuminated the entire stage ”


Berlingske Tidende


” A brilliant debut which I don’t hesitate
giving 5 stars. Congratulations Philippe Skow! ”



” Young Skow was imediately on. Music was made- a true pleasure. ”


” If talent is something you receive in cradle gift, there must have been a long line of good feries by the craddle of the now 17-year old violinist. ”


” A huge talent and a temperamental musician with the technical and musical charisma which cannot be learned. "

Kristlig Dagblad

” When hearing his big glorious tone and  miraculous dexterity you almost can’t believe your eyes or ears. "


” Milstein’s Paganiniana is hardly heard
any better… ”

Prof. Tutter Givskov

” Dazzling technique and a musicianship of rare purity and clarity ” 


“ Deep understanding of the music was here so tightly and with nerve conveyed to the audience,

that standing ovation and roars of bravo were sent up to the very sympathetic musician "


” A rich fantasy, perfect intonation,  deeply romantic personality and virtuosity allow me to qualify Philippe Benjamin Skow as one of the most outstanding violinists of the younger generation… ”

Prof. Serguei Azizian